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Since 2000, Tutor Doctor’s mission is to help students of all ages, abilities and aspirations to achieve their academic goals and dreams. We provide one-to-one, in-home tutoring, which supplements the schools’ curriculum and goals, to ensure the most effective and relevant support is provided. Tutor Doctor partners with teachers and parents to customize the student’s support for his/her individual needs.

Based on our unique process of Assess, Match, Tutor, and Support, Tutor Doctor helps students grow as a learner at each stage of development, from Kindergarten through college, including enrichment subjects. Our students have achieved great successes, award, and honors, including admissions into leading universities and advanced degree programs. Tutor Doctor stands ready to help your student achieve his or her individual goals, potential, and dreams.

Tutor Doctor Tutoring Capabilities

GOAL: Student takes ownership in his/her own learning

GOAL: Subject knowledge mastery and synthesis of foundation developed during Elementary and Middle School

GOAL: Student will showcase academic and extra-curricular achievement for admission to the college of their dreams

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