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Tutor Doctor Video

Tutor Doctor to the Rescue

Tutor Doctor San Diego County 2012

Tutor Doctor San Diego County video as seen on ZCode Mags’ Zglass app for smartphones & pads. This 60 second video is a living description & portrayal of Tutor Doctor’s academic coaching / tutoring philosophy & delivery. President Christopher Lien & Vice President Tiffany Lien discuss how Tutor Doctor’s service is differentiated from the philosophy & approach of other tutors & tutoring centers, and what has led to their phenomenal success with San Diego County students.

Back-To-School The Tutor Doctor Way

Tutor Doctor San Diego County President Chris Lien is interviewed by Fox 5 news anchor Shally Zomorodi about how back-to-school time can be made more productive & less stressful for students & parents. – Eliminate Homework Anxiety

Avoid Summer Brain Drain

Fun, Low-Cost Family Educational Activities – Tutor Doctor San Diego County President Chris Lien is interviewed by Fox5 Morning News Anchor Shally Zomorodi about Summer Learning Loss (a.k.a. Summer Brain Drain) and how to prevent it. Suggestions are given for fun, low-cost, educational summertime activities for the entire family. Several kids are also shown playing educational games, using flashcards, and example DIY projects such as planting flowers.

KUSI-TV Good Morning San Diego

Interviews Tutor Doctor: San Diego County

Tutor Doctor San Diego County President Christopher Lien is interviewed by KUSI news anchor Tom Jordan about Tutor Doctor & the tutoring industry filling-in gaps created by school & university budget cuts. Tutor Doctor is the leader for one-to-one, in-home tutoring & academic coaching of students of ALL AGES!

Tutor Doctor First Aid Kit – Students Prepare For Success In Many Ways

President of Tutor Doctor interviewed by Rogers TV’s Daytime Toronto

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