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Other Success Stories

Dear Tutor Doctor,

We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the service provided by the Tutor Doctor office and with James, our son’s tutor. Tutor Doctor provides top notch tutors.

My son’s experience with the tutor was invaluable and rewarding. James, my son’s tutor, was friendly, punctual, and professional. My son’s tutoring sessions were key to his college success. My son was well prepared for his course work and he completed his assignments on time. Moreover, the tutor was able to keep my son organized through time management skills including a daily planner.

Your company’s service from start to finish has been exemplary and on a professional, knowledgeable, yet friendly level. Nothing ever seems to be too much trouble to you and we were made to feel unique, never feeling that we were just one of many clients that you and your office have to deal with each day.

We will highly recommend your service to our friends and to the groups which we network with. Thank you for all your help with my son’s academic success.

Kind regards,
Alba and Hector – San Diego, CA

“I like that our tutor, Lance, was always prompt. He had obviously given consideration to my daughter’s needs throughout the session. I believe he had even worked outside the time allotment for the purposes of achieving a positive and effective tutor/student experience. My daughter was able to complete the workbooks not completed in regular public school, and so I trust that she will be more prepared for her next year.”

Laura B. – 10/10

“We like our tutor, Wendy, very much.”

Katy T. – 10/10

“The tutor is very knowledgeable of the subject, and very patient with my daughters.”

Samuel F. – 9/10

“The flexibility of my daughters tutor. She was struggling on a chapter and he worked his schedule to get her in. Patrick has been a great help this year.”

Dee Dee C. – 10/10

“The flexibility of payments and scheduling. Very impressed with Elena who turned my daughters grade a 180 degree!”

Leslie P. – 10/10

“We like our tutor Lamar. He is great with our son”

Helen K. – 9/10

“Jack is very excellent math tutor! It helps my son’s math grade goes up much better than past years.”

April H. – 10/10

“Personalized matches, flexible and helpful tutors!”

Victoria M. – 10/10

“The Tutor Doctor found a perfect match for our daughter and so far her first 2 grades in math were excellent. This tutor is very well rounded and has been able to help in 4 of her subjects. They have made a good connection.”

Joanne R. – 10/10

“We really like our tutor, Bianca. She is warm, encouraging and patience. She goes an extra mile to work with our son when homework is done. Our son has made great progress on math!
Thank you Bianca!”

Chenyang R. – 9/10

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